Nathanael Muscat

At Engadine High School

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Nathanael Muscat

At Engadine High School

Nathanael Muscat is teaching at Engadine. Nathanael goes to Albion Park Presbyterian Church and is in his final year of studying a Masters of Teaching. He loves Jesus and wants to tell others about him so they can know his salvation from sin and death. He loves playing piano and attempting to play guitar.

Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) encourages students to question, explore and discover the basics of the Christian faith based on the Bible.

SRE Teachers are trained and equipped to teach classes for students whose parents or caregivers are happy for them to be involved.

ourSRE seeks to give every student the opportunity to understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ - the single most influential person in history as they develop their own commitments and worldview for life.

What do SRE Teachers do?
  • Engage students through regular Scripture classes by teaching them the word of God

  • Enable students to learn and respond to the message of the Bible

  • Encourage and challenge Christian students to grow in their faith

  • Give opportunities for students to raise questions regarding faith, values and world views

  • Encourage relationships between students and their own local churches and youth groups

  • Offer pastoral support

  • Support Christian lunchtime groups

  • Coordinate Scripture seminars