A Professional Paid Ministry

As an SRE Teacher you have the opportunity to take part in a valuable and rewarding ministry, where you’ll receive ongoing training and support. All the curriculum materials you need are provided and SRE teaching is a paid, ongoing position. 

SRE teaching is valuable: you’ll be helping young people understand and engage with the Bible, through questioning, exploring and discovering what the Christian faith is about.

SRE teaching is rewarding: you get to be a part of something important, and receive compensation for your work, thanks to the generosity of local Christians who support the ministry.

SRE Teachers are trained and supported: you’ll receive ongoing training in areas such as classroom management, and how to respond appropriately to tough questions. You’ll also have the support of a manager and access to an online portal connecting you with the SRE community and plenty of helpful resources. 

The curriculum is provided: the SRE curriculum has been designed to meet the required educational standards. You’ll have all the materials you need, with the flexibility to make the content work best for your students.

SRE Teachers are an ongoing presence: SRE Teachers have a regular presence and set days each week at schools. It’s a great way to get to know students and play a continued role in educating them about the Christian faith.

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