About ourSRE

ourSRE is a program designed to connect NSW Government High Schools with professional, highly-trained Special Religious Education (SRE) Teachers via co-ordinated and supportive churches through combined church Boards.

The ourSRE website is a place for SRE Teachers, churches that support SRE and representatives from the schools that engage them, to learn, communicate and connect.

For SRE Teachers: ourSRE is a support program, connecting you with shared resources, colleagues, advisers, and training opportunities.

For Churches/Combined Church Boards supporting SRE: ourSRE provides support as you consider starting an SRE program locally, or as you co-ordinate a combined churches Board to fundraise and support your local SRE Teachers.

For Schools engaging SRE Teachers: ourSRE provides insights into the curriculum, profiles of local teachers, and information about the professional requirements ourSRE Teachers must meet.

ourSRE is co-ordinated by Generate Ministries