Generate SRE Advisors

One of the key advantages of partnering with ourSRE is that your regional Advisor has experience and knowledge to support you in your role. If you are a Board Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or other member of the Board our Advisors are there to answer questions you may have or supply resources that may help you in your role. If you are an ourSRE Teacher, Advisors are there to support you in your role as Teacher with help in the art of teaching, support with curriculum and resources and working in your local school and with your local Board.

Each of ourSRE Advisors has experience as Bible teachers and knowledge of Board governance. They are well versed in the history of SRE and keep up-to-date on current Department of Education and Communities policies regarding ‘Religion’ in NSW State Schools.  By partnering with ourSRE these Advisors are there to help serve and support you in your role. They also initiate conversations with local church leaders to engage them in starting SRE in schools where it is not yet established or could be further developed.

It is a partnership and together, we all do make a difference.

Contact us to speak with your local SRE Advisor.