Students write to express their gratitude for SRE

Recently, year 7&8 students at a local high school were given the opportunity to write to their local churches to express what they think about the SRE program in their school. The response was enormous with students voluntarily expressing their gratitude to the churches for supporting the program, and demonstrating how significant Special Religious Education can be in a school community.

One year 8 student wrote:

“Thank you for letting there be scripture lessons at our school. I have enjoyed it a lot because I get to find out many more answers that I have been wanting to know about. I definitely believe that scripture should continue so that others can learn and ask questions.”

Other students wrote: 

“It’s helped me a lot to find myself and made me happy. I have learnt so much and I am so grateful. Without scripture I would have been really stressed and confused but scripture and our teacher has helped and improved so much and I’d love to continue scripture for years to come. We have learnt a lot about love, forgiveness…  I’ve learnt to forgive people more and love them despite what they or others do…” 

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about God in high school.”

“I’ve enjoyed every moment of coming to Scripture to learn things I have never learnt before.”

“The most memorable lesson would be the one about money, that we should not be greedy for it… I have changed into a kinder person” 

“Miss has taught me so much and all my praying actually works.” 

“My favorite lesson was about how we should forgive people. I have changed after attending scripture because I feel more positive” 

“The most helpful thing was learning how to forgive your enemies, this helped me to not hate anyone and now I know we should forgive others like God forgave us.”