Wauchope and District Christian SRE


$4,033 so far


Grant Abbott at Wauchope High School

Grant Abbott teaches SRE at Wauchope High School. Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) encourages students to question, explore and discover the basics of the Christian faith based on the Bible. SRE Teachers are trained and equipped to teach classes and run seminars for students whose parents or caregivers are happy for them to be involved. ourSRE seeks to give every student the opportunity to understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ - the single most influential person in history as they develop their own commitments and worldview for life.

Supporting churches:
Wauchope Presbyterian Church; Bethel Four Square Gospel; St Matthew's Anglican Church;
Wauchope Baptist Church; Beechwood Uniting Church; Wauchope Uniting Church.

Phone: 0412 847 026
Email: oursrewauchope@generate.org.au
Web: sre.org.au/wauchope
What does an SRE Board do?

SRE boards play a vital role in managing people, resources, communication and other key SRE functions.

Some of the important tasks that boards fulfil include:

  • securing funding and prayer support from local churches
  • liaising with school management to ensure quality, professional SRE is delivered in a supportive school environment
  • increasing the donor base to help grow SRE ministry in local schools
  • finding, equipping and training godly and gospel-focused SRE teachers with the help of Generate Ministries
  • utilising the gifts and resources available from each partner church
  • developing a culture of personal and corporate prayer among supporters